Manual Lawn Mower ( 16″ inches 5-SharpBlades Jasmine Nw.16.5kg) GreenCity Heavy Duty Lawn Grass Cutter

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Technical Data (16 inches)
Item Number & Name  : 16 inches (5 Blade)
Manufactured by  :  Green city international
Drive system  :  hand push
Applicable  :  General Purpose, Domestic lawn
Ree. lawn Size  :  500 Min-5000 Max sq/ft.
Grass type  :  Dhaka/Fine Dhaka/American etc.
Net Weight  :  13kgs min 18kg max
Dimensions(HxWxl)  :  9.5 X 13 X 22 inches
Packing Dimension  :  14 X 14 X22 inches(16″)
Cutting System Reel  :  & Stationary Blade (with take)
Cutting  :   400mm (16″)/Stripe
Cutting Cylinder  :  5 sharp hard-blades
Cutting heights  :  12 – 35 mm Micro Adjust- 4 increments
Bearings  :  Ball bearings
Wheel Diameter  :  8.5-10 inches Max Incl. Rubber Tyers
Rear Roller  :  plastic With Rolled Edges
Handle  :  Foldable / Fix
Grass Collector  :  Metal Sheet 5 liter
Cutting Speed  :  1100m2/hr.
Cuts per Meter  :  38
Sound Power Level  :  84 dB Lwa

Made For Hard Work

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No noise, No gas, No smoke and no hassles, more Environmental Friendly mowing solution,
small to meet your budget easily, ideal for small lawns
easy to maintain very basic, simple and the smallest in the mowers
family. They use the scissor principle, their clean quiet precise cut, trim close to objects (like trees, benches)
make for a healthier and more attractive lawn. it is the standard among households since the first half of the
previous century in all over the world.

  • Enhance Mowers’ Life
  • Delivery More Power
  • Cuts All Grass Types
  • Grass Management System
  • Cutting Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Handle Height

Made For Hard Work

30% Easier to push

Most Reels mowers can be difficult to push especially in Longer grass. the advanced technologies combine to reduce push force by 30%


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